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The contestants thrilled us with a pair of dances each tonight during this episode...

Melanie Brown earned another perfect score tonight, with a strong, wicked paso doble. It’s hard to imagine anyone else left on this show striking that magic 30, let alone twice. Then again, Melanie only scored a 24 with her out-of-sync foxtrot.

Maybe the only person with potential to reach multiple 30s is Jennie Garth, who tonight got scored a 25 with her Viennese waltz, and a 28 with her lovely, flowing rumba. Judge Len Goodman put it best when he said to Garth: “The only
person who’s not convinced you’re a really good dancer is you — and you are a fantastic dancer.”

Helio Castroneves danced the tango (25) and samba (27). Respectable and filled with charisma, but still lacking the
techincal precision needed to break through.

Marie Osmond started out strong with her boogie-woogie quickstep (28), even sealing it with a kiss on Len’s cheek. But she ended with a cha cha that had pizazz (24), but apparently lacked the techincal moves needed to raise the bar.

Cameron Matheson was in the bottom two last week. He really needed to distinguish himself this week and almost did, but scored only a 24. He redeemed himself with a high-kickin’ jive (27). Voters will really need to show up this week to keep him safe. We hope they do.

Jane Seymour is technically solid always, but, as Len said, is lacking fireworks. Her quickstep walked the line to a 24mand her cha cha got her a solid 26. She should be the one to go.

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