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The first night of the sixth season finale of Dancing with the Stars saw the remaining couples involved in a Cha Cha Face-Off. The results...

Cristián & Cheryl started things off with a big leap from the stage for Cristián and then jumped into some synchronized hip shaking for the meat of the performance. The great Cristián charisma blended with a number of intricate steps to make for a very nice start to the group number. They finished their segment with a huge slide across the floor with Cheryl in Cristián's good arm.

Jason & Edyta jumped in next. Jason doesn't look nearly as natural in the cha cha, but he held his own. Their big trick had Jason vaulting over Edyta's shoulders and then sliding back through her legs. It wasn't as smooth as it could have been, but you have to respect his ambition in going for it. Overall a nice performance, but a step off from the other two.

Kristi & Mark got off to a big start with Kristi kissing Bruno at the judge's table before she joined Mark on the floor and again showed how technically amazing she is. Along with the technique we all expected was a great, fun loving, attitude. It really seemed that Kristi was having a lot of fun with their part of the routine. Once again, their biggest trick was their incredible spins. The couples joined up for the finish, with a fantastic move that left Jason and Cristián hoisting Kristi high into the air. Two thumbs way up for the cha cha faceoff.

Cristián & Cheryl: 26 (8,9,9)
Jason & Edyta: 24 (8,8,8)
Kristi & Mark: 30 (10,10,10)

Next up? Freestyle...

Kristi & Mark: Last week found Kristi back on top of the scoreboard. Mark thought that Jason would bring his strength to the freestyle, and Cristián would bring his personality. His strategy was to bring it all. In training we saw them practicing Kristi boosting Mark into a back-flip. For a little help, Julianne stopped by to help with the lifts. It all looked impressive in the learning of it.

Bruno said my god, what an inspiring fusion of mambo and hip hop. He said Kristi didn't miss a beat, and despite the difficulty, she made it look easy. Carrie Ann acknowledged that men tend to be the crowd pleasers, but not tonight, Kristi had the crowd going crazy. Len reminded us that he's not a lover of hip hop, but this held his attention from start to finish. It was quick, had great energy, and he absolutely loved it. Score: 30 (10,10,10)

Jason & Edyta: Carrie Ann said that it was nice to see Edyta in the finals, and I wholeheartedly agree. She went on, who knew, Jason Taylor can get funky. She loved the lifts. Len liked the humor and the lifts and talked about going to South Beach with Jason in his speedo, and Len in his thong... Bruno said that watching them was like watching two centerfolds. It was funky, fun, and had great lifts. Score 27 (9,9,9)

Cristián & Cheryl: Len loved the Latin American flavor. He said taking into consideration what he'd seen from the other two, the lifts weren't quite up to the standard. Bruno said he hasn't seen so much shaking since the last earthquake. He qualified his praise though, saying that for one arm, he did very well. Carrie Ann liked the performance, adding that with the freestyle they are looking for the winner.

She didn't know if he beat Kristi, but when she looks at him she sees a winner for so many other reasons. I found it a bit odd that after nothing but praise for the first two couples, they seemed to take on a more negative tone with Cristián. Score 26 (9,8,9)

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