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In a Dancing with the Stars first, the bottom two couples went toe-to-toe in a dance-off that the judges scored. The new scores were then combined with the viewers’ votes – which account for 50 percent of the couples’ scores – from the last two weeks of competition.

Let's get right to it:

Belinda Carlisle & Jonathan Roberts (Salsa)

Belinda's salsa lacked in a lot of places, but the biggest flaw was the fact that she didn't have much hip in a Latin dance. The two decide to focus on the hips during practice. She not only doesn't have hip action, she lacks in the breast wiggling department. Her feet didn't improve. Len thought there were a little more hip, but not much. Bruno felt the nervousness and pointed out that she lost her foot work. Carrie Ann pointed out that she messed up the underarm pass, and it wasn't an improvement. Score: 17 (5, 6, 6). Previously: 18.

Steve Wozniak & Karina Smirnoff (Quickstep)

Steve didn't lose his steam, he lost his step. They both endurance and sharp leg work. When they started their dance, the opening flip was messy. He continued to look like he was being dragged around. Bruno admired his spirit and determination. He loved watching him. Carrie Ann thought he was smoother and in sync, but he still messed up. Len thought he worked hard overcoming the bad foot. Score: 17 (6, 5, 6). Previously: 17.

After totaling the scores, the couple that went home was Belinda & Jonathan. Jonathan hopes that she uses hip-action during her Go-Go performances.

She had a great time. Next week is the Samba and the Foxtrot. Hopefully, Steve-O won't try something stupid and injure his back even more.

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