Suspicious Mind - Dark Matter (2024) Season 1 Episode 2 - Dark Matter (2024)
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Jason runs down an alley, hiding from people chasing him.

He enters the Village Tap but his local bartender doesn't recognize him.

Jason can't convince him otherwise. Matt drives him away.

Next, he goes to the ER to get his brain checked.

He recalls Daniela but his wedding ring is gone.

His lookalike imposter is at his home in bed with Daniela.

He checks in on Charlie and looks around Jason's house, trying to find the coffee.

A tox screen on Jason's blood locates a psychoactive compound the hospital's medical staff has never seen before.

Still, his doctor is dubious about his claims that his world had changed. But he hasn't been seen in public for more than a year.

She suggests a full psychiatric evaluation and he concurs.

The officials at Jason's company debate his disapperance.

A disguised Jason sneaks out of the hospital.

Imposter Jason shows up late and takes control of the original Jason's class.

The original Jason crashes the opening of that dimension's Daneila's exhibit. His fame in that dimension gets him inside.

He wanders through one of her multimedia exhibits then finds portraits of himself all over a wall.

He locks eyes with Daniela across the room. She has no idea who Charlie is.

Ryan shows up and she invites both to a small gathering later.

Ryan inquires about the work he had done for Velocity the previous year.

The other Daniela explains her upcoming exhibition tour to the imposter Jason and he offers to come along.

They disagree how Charlie should handle his infatuation with Brooke.

In the other dimension, Daniela pressures Jason to tell her and Ryan where he'd been for the past year.

Couching it as hypothetical, he details what had happened to him. They're skeptical.

Daniela recalls how the other Jason had told her that their choices could create an infinite number of other worlds.

Jason informs them about life in his world and they're both in disbelief. Ryan leaves.

She lets him stay overnight.

Imposter Jason calls Ryan and turns down his job offer, not wanting to leave Chicago.

The original Jason calls Amanda. He's about to walk into a psychiatric institution.

It was a bluff so he and Daniela could snoop around her house.

Daniela encourages him to let Amanda help him.

In this world, she'd gotten pregnant and he had said he wasn't ready. So she had an abortion.

She believes that his memories of another life are real.

Imposter Jason goes to original Jason's storage locker, hanging his mask there.

Original Jason reviews the notes from imposter Jason's study, and determines that that Jason had perfected a box that allows travel across the multiple realities of quantum physics and used it to go to his world.

The moment their world diverged is when Daniela got pregnant and they made different choices.

Daniela wants to know about the relationship that she had missed out on.

They kiss and are making out when the doorbell rings. 

Dawn bursts through the door and shoots Daniela in the head, tasering and tying up Jason.






Dark Matter (2024)
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Dark Matter (2024) Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Dr. Randolph: Mr. Dessen, what brings you to our ER?
Jason: I think there's something wrong with my mind.

Jason: You know me, right?
Matt: I don't think so.
Jason: Come on, Matt.
Matt: How do you know me?
Jason: 'Cause I come in here all the time.