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Pilar and Alak  return to the hidout to find Christie dead and Rafe dying. After seeing his grandchild Rafe stops breathing and is dead. Pilar and Alak then manage to get away with the baby and shortly there after, Pilar shows she is still willing do do anything to keep the baby safe when she kills a couple in order to get their food and equipment. 

Meanwhile, Nolan, Irisa, and Amanda return to the mines to see who saved them. Here is where we get our second look at the new alien race. After the female is hurt they take it back to town where they learn that the race is know as Omec, and they are the Votan equivalent to the Boogy Man, Dracula, and Freddie Kruger all wrapped up into one to the other Votan races, who are terrified of them.

That made very clear by Doc Yewll, who had every reason to hate and fear the Omec given they are higher on the food chain than even the Indogenes. Doc Yewll advised that Nolan and Amanda find and kill both of the Omec as they have no idea what they are messing with.

As the female heals, Nolan is able to determine that she can understand him, he leaves and eventually makes his introductions to the Male Omec T'evgin. Nolan and T'evgin head back to Defiance where they find T'evgin's daughter Kindzi has broken out of the Lawmaker's office, killing a young Castithan in the process after several boys were teasing here.

After finding Kindzi mad with rage and half-dying they take her to Doc Yewll's office where T'evgin explains he needs a piece of Ywell's skin to save his daughter. Nolan and Amanda (against Doc Yewll's will) hold her down and take a piece of skin, T'evgin explains she will grow it back without a mark.

At the Vontanis Collective camp, Rham Tak explains to Datak that he will be working for the VC and thathe will be holding Stahma there to assure his allegiance. Datak decides he is going to kill Rham Tak and Stahma expresses she wants to help. Just as they got make their move, Rham Tak tells them there has been a change of plans and both of them will be going into Defiance.

Meanwhile back in Defiance, with Kindzi on the mend, Amanda and Nolan make an agreement with T'evgin to share the Gulanite from the mines since T'evgin's equipment can get the ore, but needs the help of Amanda, Nolan, and Defiance to stay safe long enough to get what they need to repair their ship.  

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