Amanda and Doc Yewll must enlist the Omec for help saving Nolan and Irisa, who have fallen into an unexpected and potentially fatal mental tour of their own past. Want to know how things turned out in Defiance Season 3 Episode 5? You will have to watch Defiance online now to find out!

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You can watch Defiance Season 3 Episode 5 online to find out how Noland and Irisa get out of the mental tour of their own past. Or, if Datak and Stahma finally managed to kille T'evgin. The only way you can possibly find out is if you watch! So what are you waiting for? Watch Defiance online now!

Episode Details

On Defiance Season 3 Episode 5, Nolan and Irisa fall into a potentially fatal tour of their own past as Amanda and Doc Yewll desperately try to save them.

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0 (10 Votes)
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Defiance Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Datak: Why would T'evgin help us?
Stahma: Must I draw you a chart?
Datak: Contrary to what you think, darling, your chivo is not magic.
Stahma: On many occasions, you've said different.

Stahma: I poisoned him with enough swimbo to kill a bell beast.
Datak: But is the Omec dead? No. He's at home smelling my wife on his fingers and chuckling about how he cuckolded Datak Tarr!
Stahma: I doubt T'evgin knows your name.