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Rita is charged with assaulting Paul and could lose her children in a custody battle.

Meanwhile, the Ice Truck Killer is back. He leaves a body at a scene of crime that causes Dexter to think back to a regressed childhood memory.

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Dexter Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Dexter Morgan: That leaves only one set of footprints unaccounted for, the killers. This shows everywhere he went in the room. The question is: Why?
Lt. Maria Laguerta: Wait, hold on. Am I missing something? Where are the victim's footprints?
Dexter Morgan: Give that lady a lollipop!

Debra Morgan: Dexter, heads up. Bad in there.
Dexter Morgan: Ok.
Debra Morgan: I'm serious!
Dexter Morgan: Ok.
Sergeant Doakes: She's not kidding. It's your wet dream in there.
Dexter Morgan: Okay...