Dexter Season 2

"Left Turn Ahead"

This is the penultimate episode of season two. Let's see what goes down!

"There's Something About Harry"

In this episode, Dexter learns valuable information about Harry. Check out a brief synopsis now.

"Resistance Is Futile"

Is Resistance Is Futile? This Dexter episode asks that question.

"Morning Comes"

Dexter is under attack in this episode. Read more about it with our review.

"That Night, A Forest Grew"

This Dexter episode is called "That Night, A Forest Grew." Read on for a brief summary of it.

"Dex, Lies, and Videotape"

New problems face Dexter on this episode. Let's take a look at a quick recap of it.

"The Dark Defender"

Who is The Dark Defender? Dexter wonders about that in this second season episode.


In "See-Through," Rita's mom comes into town. Here's a summary of the episode.

"An Inconvenient Lie"

Here's a recap of "An Inconvenient Lie." It's the third episode from Dexter's second season.

"Waiting to Exhale"

Here's a brief look at "Waiting to Exhale." It's the second episode of Dexter's second season.

"It's Alive"

Here's a summary for the second season premiere of Dexter. The episode is called "It's Alive."

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Dexter Season 2 Quotes

(voice over) Some gangs earn teardrops of blood by killing. I understand, we all need our keepsakes. One man's tattoos are another man's blood slides.


My psycho-killer fiancé? Please, I've had worse. At least he paid for my meals.