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It was great to see the dark Dexter back for a scene tonight. How did he get there? Here's a quick recap of events:

With Rita and the kids off at a wedding, Dexter had time to unwind in the only way he knows how: he hunted down his next victim. Her name was Zoe and he found evidence that she killed her father and daughter, while creative a scene and a narrative that made it appear as though a criminal did the deed.

There was an overriding theme to this hunt for Dexter, as he was tracking a woman that killed her family because they figuratively suffocated. Sound like someone else we know? Harry reminded Dexter of this in a handful of visions.

Getting closer to his prey than usual, Dexter was actually forced to drug and apprehend her in his own home; she had discovery his identity, and the fact that he knew she was a killer and broke in to murder him first. But she had no idea who she was dealing with. During his killing ritual, as Zoe was trash talking him, Dexter realized something: he'd rather Rita and the children knew his secret than risk losing them. Wow. Look at that. He did actually care for them! P.S. Goodbye forever, Zoe.

Meanwhile, Angel and Laguerta disagreed about revealing their relationship to the higher ups. It appears she went ahead and did so behind his back.

The night other big storyline involved Lundy actually running into Trinity. He had determined where he'd kill his next victim and Trinity saw Lundy on his trail, as he also scouted the location. Why was this important?

Because at the end of the episode, after Deb gave in to her feelings and slept with Lundy, was walking her to her car in the parking lot. Shots rang out. Deb was hit in the gut, while Lundy looked to have gotten it even worse. Deb whispered "Stay with me," as Lunday appeared to lose his life when the episode ended.

The clear suspect is Trinity, but it wouldn't surprise us if the show tried to hint toward Anton over the next few weeks.

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I know. My dick's been making some bad decisions.


Laguerta: Where is Masuka?
Deb: He's probably in Mexio, taking in a donkey show tour.