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The major event from this week's episode was Christine killing herself.

After calling her evil father and being absolutely berated over the phone, she called Deb over ton confess. But Deb didn't accept Christine's apology and Lundy's killer proceeded to pull out a gun and shoot herself. Gruesome stuff. Deb was then left with the fact that anything involving Lundy was truly over in her life.

Meanwhile, Trinity learned Dexter's identity. He went through the phone book and visited each Kyle Butler (murdering one), realizing that Dexter was not the man he claimed to be. When asked over the phone about this, Dex pretended as if he wanted money from Arthur. They arranged to meet for the exchange, but Arthur outsmarted Dexter first.

He lured him to the same arcade where he abducted that boy last week, only to hide when Dexter arrived and then follow him back to the station after he was called in. This led to the dramatic scene of Arthur actually walking into the Miami PD and approaching Dexter. The episode's final words, after he saw Dex's name tag: "Hello, Dexter Morgan."


- Rita told Dexter she kissed Elliot. He responded calmly at first, but then punched out his neighbor later on.

- Angel and LaGuerta got married after the boss found them kissing on security camera footage. He can't really fire them now, but was such a hasty decision really so wise for the fairly new couple?

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Dexter Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

If I can make the police think the Trinity Killer is someone else, Arthur is all mine.


What kind of man witnesses a child abduction and doesn't call the police? Who are you, Kyle?