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This episode picks up right after last week's left off, as Dexter is being wheled into an ambulance and is worried about the cops finding the remains of Benny Gomez.

While Dexter gets a clean bill of health from the doctor, he can't sleep for at least 12 hours as a precaution against his head injury. And he's REALLY tired already. Trying to get through work, Dexter is assigned to another murder of another tourist.

On the way to the scene, he checks his crashed vehicle and only finds his killing kit. Where the heck is the body?!?

No time to wonder about that, as it's off to the scene of the crime. There, Dexter notices Quinn - who's already in trouble with the Lieutenant for sleeping with a reporter that's writing about these tourist murders - put some cash from a safe into his pocket. Clearly, Dexter doesn't care one bit... but Quinn thinks he might. He spends the rest of the episode trying to get on Dexter's good side in case Dexter rats him out.

But Dexter has much more important things on his mind. At the scene of the accident, he still can't find the remains of Benny.

As he ponders that issue, let's take a break to update you on a pair of other storylines:

- Angel and Maria have no idea how to act at work. They think about calling off their affair as a result, but when Angel closes the blinds in Maria's office at one point, it's clear he has other ideas.

- Lundy tells Deb that he's in town for the Trinity Killer, a fact that helps her realize her love for Anton even more. But enough with the lovey dovey stuff, Lundy is clearly on to something. We see a few scenes of Trinity stalking another victim in the creepiest of ways. No new murder yet, though.

Back to Dexter: following a few visions of Harry, he heads back to the boxing ring where he killed Benny and finds his remained in a punching bag he had hidden in the closet. Crisis averted, but just this one. Isn't there a change this new father has too much on his plate?

That's the question we're left with, as Dexter climbs into bed for a good night sleep finally... only to be immediately awoken by a crying Harrison.

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Dexter Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Rita: Sure you're okay? You look a little pale.
Dexter: Hospitals. They give me the creeps.

If you smell me again, I'll punch you in the throat.

Deb [to Masuka]