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What seemed like a filler episode of Dexter ended intriguingly this week. Here's a quick summary of what went down:

Deb gave up on her search for the woman Harry had an affair with, when it turned out one former CI said Harry slept with all his informants. To Dexter's delight, Deb never came across his mother's file. To Dexter's chagrin, though, Deb did receive permission to pursue Trinity when she linked him to the bludgeoning case.

Meanwhile, Trinity and Dexter bonded a bit more, as the former took the latter to chop down a tree. Trinity seemed to be in an especially foul mood, and acted strangely when he hit a deer with his van, yet couldn't bring himself to put the animal out of its misery. Dexter took an axe to the creature and did it for him. At the end of the episode, we see that Trinity has built a coffin. Who could this be fore? He new pal "Kyle?"

Quinn also now has suspicions of Dexter. He wonders why Dex held on to his apartment for so long and actually follows Dexter around one night. Shades of Doakes from season two.

After learning from Trinity that it's important for kids to be pushed into activities, Dexter signs Cody up to be a Young Sailor. Just one problem: this means Dexter must accompany him on a camping trip. In the middle of the night, after Cody has fallen asleep, Dexter sneaks out and kills a photographer that he believed had killed and raped women. Now, there's another problem:

When Dexter arrives at work the next day, he discovers that the police has arrested the photographer's assistance. As Dexter says to conclude the episode, he killed an innocent man.

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Dear Abby, I'm a serial killer and I need advice on how to keep my kids from taking over my life.


Angel: Let's get a search team here. Maybe it can find some more body parts.
Dexter: A head would be nice!