Restaurant Bombing - FBI Season 6 Episode 7
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Maggie turned down bereavement leave after Jessica's death.

Isobel flashes her badge to get her neighbor and his son Lucas past a police barricade to get to a dentist appointment.

Then a nearby restaurant blows up.

She and the neighbor attempt to treat the injured Lucas.

Isobel inspects the bomb site.

OA checks in on Maggie when she reaches the scene.

Isobel identifies a man racing away from the restaurant.

Eleven were killed including Congresswoman Jones.

A server, Zoe, was the only one left for Maggie and OA to question, as the patrons were either dead or hospitalized.

The man Isobel saw was an inspector for the Health Department. Zoe remembered a tattoo of numbers on his hand.

Ian said the Health Department hadn't sent any inspector.

Elise finds surveillance of the man leaving the restaurant. The tattoo reads "1920."

Using that tattoo, Kelly locates Gary Smalls, an anarchist and member of the Revolution Front.

The tattoo refereces the year of a deadly bombing of Wall Street.

Scola and Tiffany lead a raid on Smalls' Brooklyn apartment.

Smalls stole the jacket of his roommate Robert, who is a Department of Health inspecftor. Smalls also took Robert's car.

Scola and Tiffany discover Smalls shot dead at the parking garage where the car was dumped.

Smalls is shown being shot in his Facebook Post bragging about the bombing.

A report allows them to track the bomb parts to where they were stolen from Davis Construction.

Maggie and OA arrest Borrelli, the worker who stole the parts five days prior.

He made two bombs, without fuses, for a dark web buyer, to help with his gambling debts.

He left the bombs at the parking lot of a food bazaar in Red Hook.

The buyer goes by RighteousOne, who Ian tracks to an East Side coffee shop.

Maggie fand OA tail a petite female wearing designer gloves from the coffee shop. But she walks into the Russian Consulate.

Isobel's neighbor, Lucas, died from his injuries.

The blonde is Marina Kostova, a Russian spy.

Patrick Haskins from the State Department joins the investigation. 

He says Kostova is off limits as State is negotiating to extract a high-value target and doesn't want any waves made.

Scola uses an informant to break into Kostova's apartment for a sneak-and-peek warrant.

Tiffany finds the possible murder weapon while Scola locates a burner phone, which Tiff downloads.

Kostova and her bodyguard show up while they're still inside.

OA intercepts them asking for directions to stall them but that succeeds only briefly. That's long enough for the others to slip out the back.

From the data, Ian uncovers an address where the bomb may be. The bomb tech breaches Kostova's storage locker but the bomb is gone.

OA finds a fingerprint on the lock, belonging to John Parker.

They track Parker to a bus, which Scola and Tiffany board. He sees Tiffany's badge and runs, shooting at them. His bag is empty as he's already planted the bomb.

His target is the hard-right God and Liberty Alliance rally at the Expo Center. 

Parker gives up where he planted the bomb but someone else has the detonator.

Maggie and OA are at the Expo Center looking for a triggerman. 

Maggie is goinjg under the stage to look for the bomb. She locates it and figures out the channel the signal is on.

OA sees Kostova's bodyguard and tackles him before he can trigger the bomb.

Isobel arrests Kostova outside the consulate, after which the Russians killed the asset that State wanted.


















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FBI Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Server: I wanted to go back and see if I could help but I was scared. Not my friends.
Maggie: Listen, from what I heard, there's not much you could have done.

OA: How's Emma?
Maggie: Grieving, confused, numb.
OA: How about you?
Maggie: The same.