Jubal's Dilemma - FBI Season 6 Episode 12
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A man with his hands bound and his mouth taped runs through the woods attempting to escape his pursuers.

He manages to remove his bindings but still gets shot dead.

OA hangs up on a call from Maggie when he arrives at a crime scene. He informs Tiffany that Maggie is ready to get back.

The Park Service is handing off a murder to the FBI.

The victim is Tim Baker from Queens, but he's been dead in the Jamaican Wildlife Refuge for three to four days.

Baker is a truck driver who was reporting missing, along with his van, by his employer, Long Island Chemical.

Baker was badly in debt who kept asking for a raise or overtime.

His cargo when he went missing was a pharmaceutical reagent spiked with a toxin on its way to be incinerated. He was hauling 4-Piperidone, a key ingredient in fentanyl.

Kelly finds surveillance of Baker being hijacked.

The car stolen by the hijackers has GPS. 

OA and Tiffany find the car and the landlady says it had been parked there by her tenant, who rented her garage with cash.

They check the garage and find the tenant has set up a lab there.

The chemist disguised the fentanyl as oxycodone.

A fingerprint found there belongs to Gio Russo, a member of a biker gang.

There is five overdoses, four dead, at a Manhattan nightclub with oxycodone found on one of the victims.

Those pills came from the garage lab.

Emmy Brandywine, whose mother talked to OA and Tiffany outside the club, scored the oxy there, according to the survivor.

Jubal recognizes the man identified as the dealer: Nate Becerra, son of former FBI Agent Jose Becerra and Jubal's godson.

Jubal and Scola go to see Joe, letting him know the trouble that Nate is in.

Joe reluctantly lets them search Nate's room,

Jubal finds a bag of oxy and Joe wants to dump them in the toilet. Despite their friendship, Jubal refuses to give up the bag.

Joe picked up Nate in his car, which Jubal recognizes.

Nate ran when Joe tried to get him to turn himself in.

Scola cuts off and arrests Nate with OA and Tiffany in pursuit.

Nate admits to Jubal that he gave the pills to the girls.

Nate gives up the name of his source, Kevin Thomas, who also made the pills.

Jubal gets Nate to wear a wire and meet with Thomas although Joe doesn't like the idea.

Thomas informs Nate that he's already sold the pills, which his buyer Gio is now looking to sell.

Isobel questions Jubal if this undercover buy with Nate is too personal for him.

Gio is with Wade Burnett, another member of the Vandals.

When things get tense, Nate blurts out "Jubal." 

Jubal gives the code word, "baseball." Gio makes them kneel.

When the FBI crashes in, Gio grabs Nate as a shield. Jubal convinces the team to put down their weapons and back out.

Joe shows up at the site. He wants to serve as negotiator.

Gio demands a car and OA gets it for him.

Joe rushes the door. Gio shoots the fleeing Nate and Jubal wrestles with Gio, who gets shot.

Nate is going to survive after surgery.

But Joe doesn't forgive Jubal for not giving up the pills and he says their friendship is through.

























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FBI Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Body is old, which means so are our leads. So let's get busy.


Tiffany: How's Gemma?
OA: Ah, she's good. But that was Maggie. She's still in Ohio with Ella. They're having fun but she's definitely ready to get back.