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Olivia finally talks to Charlie about her vision. In her vision, she and Dylan are in the kitchen and Dylan uses refrigerator magnets to write “D. Gibbons is a bad man.” She then reveals that in her vision, she overhead two men in suits talking, and one said that Mark was dead. This revelation causes Olivia to force Mark to choose between moving to Denver to escape their destiny, or stay behind to try and solve the mystery of the flash forward. We learn from Vogel’s flash that he is one of the men in the suits.

Nicole tells Bryce that she is taking a pre-med class. Bryce gives her his calculator, a good-luck charm of his. He then begins to tell her that he has cancer.

Under the guise of international aid workers, Demetri, Janis, Vogel, and Simon travel to Somalia to investigate the previous blackout. However, before they reach the tower, armed warlords arrive and take them captive. Their leader, Abdi, sees through their ruse and kills their translator and security team. Abdi recalls when the towers were installed around the village. He says that there were originally five towers, and they killed his fellow villagers. Abdi reveals that his flash showed him giving a political speech and envisions himself the future leader of Somalia. He demands planes, tanks and boats from the captured agents for the war he believes he will lead. Janis uses Mosaic to prove to him that he is instead meant to bring peace to his country. Abdi leads the group into the tower, where Demetri finds a chess board and a videotape interviewing Abdi’s fellow villagers, who were not killed after all, describe their flashes. The tape then reveals that D. Gibbons was the man conducting the experiment. Vogel finds a room full of skeletons – the executed remains of Abdi’s village. Abdi reacts to this by attempting to kill Simon for designing the towers but is killed by Vogel, causing Janis to remark that his death was not supposed to happen. As the episode ends, Demetri and Simon are re-watching the D. Gibbons/Dyson Frost tape. On the tape, from 1991, Frost suddenly begins to address Demetri.

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