Watch Forever Season 1 Episode 18 online to decide whether or not you think Henry has it in him to test Adam's theory about how they can die

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On Forever Season 1 Episode 18, Adam returns. Watch Forever online now to find out what he wants and whether or not you think it could be possible.

When a deep sea diver turns up dead following an expedition which uncovered a chest of gold worth $7 million, Jo and Henry end up investigating the wealthy financier, Isaac Monroe, who bankrolled the expedition. Henry has a special interest in the ship the dead diver was excavating before he died because it was the ship Henry first died on in 1814. Isaac has a special interest in Jo. It's pretty much a win-win.

Hanson and Reece encourage Jo to go on a date with Isaac once his alibi for Rick Rasmussen's murder checks out. She agrees to meet him, tries to talk herself into leaving early, and exits the bathroom only to discover their date has been crashed by the actual murderer who has not set her sights on Isaac. Henry figures things out while Jo is on her date and he and Hanson race across town to warn her. She has already figured it out by the time they arrive.

Henry learns the real reason the Empress ended up 1,000 miles off course.

Episode Details

On Forever Season 1 Episode 18, when a treasure hunter is murdered the investigation leads Henry and Jo back to the ship on which Henry was first killed.

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Forever Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

I believe that 99.9% of everything can be explained scientifically. There's no fate, no magic, no curses, except my own.


Every person who has lived long enough has something in their past that must be forgotten. A moment when they failed or simply went right instead of left, and that simple choice changed their life for the worse. So we cover it up and forget, but deep down, we know it will come back to haunt us.