Watch Forever Season 1 Episode 21 online to find out what Henry and Abe learn about Abigail's disappearance over thirty years before!

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On Forever Season 1 Episode 21, Henry and Abe take a drive. Watch Forever online now to see where they end up!

Henry and Abe are closer to finding the truth about Abigail's disappearance, but they aren't quite there yet. That is, until they take a drive to Tarrytown, her last-known address. There Henry sees one of Abigail's favorite flowers and notices a depression in the ground which indicates a body is buried beneath. He begins digging and soon uncovers a skull and the bones of a girl.

The girl was one of the last people to see Abigail alive, and vice versa. Henry, Jo, Hanson, and Lucas solve both a thirty year old cold case and Abigail's mysterious disappearance, all without the support of the liutenant who tells Jo to give the cold case back to Tarrytown. It's a good thing Jo doesn't listen!

Hanson and Jo both blow off vacation for work. Jo also dumped Cuba Gooding Jr. because he's not the kind of person who likes to get lost. Hanson wants to spend time with his family but doesn't want to spend money on spending time with his family.

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On Forever Season 1 Episode 21, as Henry searches for Abigail, he has to lie the detectives about his relationship as they all assume that she's Abe's mother.

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Forever Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Henry: I'll drive.
Abe: Ahh! I'm not letting you get anywhere near my car. Sorry, Dad, but I'm a mortal.

Jo: Did we just accuse a federal judge of murder?
Henry: Damn, did it feel good!