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-Wendell sues Noelle Gardner for fraud when the actuary buys her insurance policy because she claims to have a fatal disease and then she's miraculously cured.


-Wendell settles the case, but then Noelle is murdered. He hired Franklin & Bash who suspect he's a serial killer.


-Turns out Noelle was committing fraud when she sold Wendell his policy but it was Wendell's assistant Jill who killed Noelle. She was jealous that Wendell and Noelle were also lovers.


-Peter goes on the perfect date with Charlie and finds out she has a 9 year old daughter named Tess.


-Damien and Infeld defend a bee keeper when the town council tries to shut down her bee keeping operation.


-When Franklin & Bash help Damien and Infeld with their case, she takes down the wall between their offices. 


Franklin & Bash
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Franklin & Bash Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

I can't take care of a kid. I can barely take care of myself.


Peter: At the risk of sounding completely ridiculous, Twinkie?
Charlie: Breakfast of champions.