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As the title of this episode indicates, Julie matter-of-factly decides it's time she and Matt went all the way. But more on that shortly.

The drama begins with Walt Riggins, Tim's dad, making himself at home with Tim and Billy at their house. Walt and Tim hang out a lot, particularly at local watering holes. On one occasion, they hustle a pair of dudes at pool, pretending Tim is a novice, and a brawl almost breaks out at the bar. Just the same, the two are getting close, it appears, with Walt even going to a Panther football practice.

That's when it starts to go downhill, though. Walt confronts Coach Taylor about Tim needing more touches. After practice, Coach McGill tells Taylor they're missing a $3,000 camera from the AV room. They also hear that Walt was seen coming out of that room around the time it went missing. Taylor drives to the Riggins residence and asks Walt if he knows anything about the camera.

Tim defends his dad passionately, and Coach leaves.

Tim (Taylor Kitsch) later finds the camera in the tool shed, though, and kicks his dad out of the house in a fit or rage. In a bizarre act of self-loathing, Tim then goes back to the bar where he and his dad played pool, and ends up getting his ass kicked by the guys he pissed off. Bloodied and bruised, Tim gives the camera back to Coach Taylor at his house the next morning.

Buddy Garrity, meanwhile, confesses to Coach that he has strayed outside his marriage. Coach tells unsympathetically to grow the hell up and take care of his wife. He has no interest in knowing who the mistress is, but Coach learns - with the rest of Dillon - while walking out of church and seeing Tyra's mom, hysterical, assaulting Buddy in front of his wife.

We learn that Buddy had fired Tyra's mother a few days prior, in fear of their recent affair becoming public knowledge. He paid her $600 and told her he has a friend where she can get a job. It didn't sit well with Mrs. Collette, though, and now Buddy is facing a broken marriage and no small amount of humiliation.

Jason and Herc leave for Austin for the U.S. National Quad Rugby tryouts. There Jason finds himself pushed to the limit physically, but he excels. He's also intrigued by an alternative blonde girl, who he meets at a party after a day of tryouts. She is a tattoo artist and unlike anyone he's met before. Jason is interested in her, in large part because she sees him for who he is - the new Jason Street.

After a night of studying at Matt's house, Julie tells him she "thinks they should have sex." A surprised Matt is all for it, and goes with Landry to buy condoms the next day. Tami Taylor spies them at the store, however, and is quick to confront Julie it. They begin to talk about sex until Tami is so frustrated and overwhelmed that she loses it. She just wants the best for her little girl and can't bear to let her go.

While affected by her talk with mom, Julie still plans on going forward with the plan. With the big night approaching, Matt seeks help from an unlikely source - Smash, who probably gives him the best advice of any of his male confidants. Matt gets a fellow teammate to let him and Julie use his family's cabin to close the deal.

Julie and Matt meet at the cabin, which is adorned with animal heads and skins. The two begin to make out, but Julie can't stay focused. She is a little distracted and nervous over the deer head looking down at her, or the temperature in the room. One thing after another. Matt soon gets the hint and tells Julie that they don't have to do it, they can just hang.

Julie responds, "really?" They laugh, cuddle and soon fall asleep.

Meanwhile, at the Taylor home, other events unfold. Coach finds provocative panties in the bathroom, and Tami tells him about Matt buying condoms. He doesn't take this well, calling the home of Julie's friend where she told them she was going. They discover she's not there, and become increasingly worried as to her whereabouts.

Later, Julie wakes up in the arms of Matt - and staring at a clock that reads one in the morning! Matt drives home Julie, who walks in to find Coach and Tami sitting on the coach. She tells her parenst she and Matt fell asleep and "nothing like that" happened, and walks off to bed.

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Friday Night Lights Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

"Wow, that sounds real hot. Here...for Matt. Throw the guy a bone while you're gathering your data."


"You and I have the exact amount of experience being parents."

Tami Taylor