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- Vince's old friend comes back and asks him to pay up for helping Vince's mom get to rehab. It becomes a threat. Ornette takes care of it.

- Julie crashes her car into a brick mailbox to avoid going back to school.

- Coach is on the cover of Texas Football Magazine as the "Kingmaker."

- Luke doesn't deal well with the fact that TMU never wanted him.

- Mindy encourages Becky to date Luke.

- Coach and Tami find out the truth about Julie and bicker about what to do. Julie refuses to go back to school.

- Billy misses Tim and becomes a mentor to Luke.

- Vince and Jess's families bond.

Friday Night Lights
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Friday Night Lights Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Let me tell you something, it's every coach's dream to experience the highest level of idiocy that his team can muster and gentlemen, collectively us coaches, we are living a dream.

Coach Taylor

Try not to trip over your ego when you're running!

Jess [to Vince]