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Diane tells Jason the Feds are going to question him about the shootout and urges him to tell all he knows. Just as Lulu and Johnny are enjoying some "alone time," Jax interrupts/

He announces that he's canceling Johnny's lease so he'll have to vacate the penthouse. Jason finds Maxie spent the night with Spinelli and quickly announces that she can't stay there because he doesn't want her to face the same danger Jake did.

Though Spinelli calls him a hero for saving Jake, Jason somberly admits it was his fault the baby was in danger in the first place.

After Alice welcomes Luke back, Edward warns that Tracy has not returned from the Dominican Republic so they all assume the plan didn't work.

Tracy finally arrives and lets Luke think that she divorced him after he flew back to Port Charles. Later, he overhears Tracy boasting to Edward that they're still married.

Though Robin assures Patrick that it was easy last night with their baby, Emma starts crying once he leaves. When Maxie arrives, seeking advice, Robin is amazed when Emma stops crying.

Later, Lulu and Maxie discover they both are interested in renting the same apartment. Nikolas insists on helping Nadine with her chores and downplays the fact that he's had servants most of his life.

Out in the barn, Nadine has fun trying to show Nikolas how to milk a cow. Later, Nadine confides to her aunt that she and Nikolas are not going to marry.

Raylene assures Nadine that she is very proud of her. Her aunt then passes away. Sam tells Alexis that there is no way that Jerry could have survived jumping off the ship moments before it exploded.

Sam's thrilled to hear the phony drug charges against her are being dropped and apologizes to her.

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