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Spinelli admits he doesn't like the idea of Johnny staying with Lulu and Maxie at their new apartment. Maxie guesses he's jealous.

Hearing noise from their bedroom, Spinelli leaves and when Maxie bursts in, she finds they're moving furniture, not having sex.

Pointing out the threat he is, Jason whispers to Elizabeth that they can never see each other again.

He explains that he bought the house she's living in and put it in a trust for Jake and Cam. Elizabeth doesn't want to accept his help but he points out that since the boy won't carry his name, he asks her to let him do this.

Later, Jason announces to Spinelli that it's too dangerous for him to live in the penthouse but Spinelli won't abandon him.

Some secretly starts copying files from Spinelli's computer. Admitting the one time they had sex, he "rocked her world," Claudia tells Sonny she's just trying to find a way for them to live together.

Sonny repeats his reason for marrying her and suggests that he'll treat her better than anyone in her own family. Ric questions Claudia about how her scheme to woo Sonny is progressing.

She eventually agrees that she and Ric could be great together but she needs to get what she wants from Sonny first. Later, after a run-in with Kate, Sonny surprises her with a kiss.

Though Lucky guesses her troubles are over now that the Feds are not going to press charges, Sam claims her instincts tell her the Russians won't give up on seeking revenge.

He urges her to back off but she vows to keep investigating.

Spotting two of the Russians, Sam hops into their van to investigate and ends up trapped inside, listening to Sasha talking on the phone about getting rid of Jason.

Lucky meets Elizabeth who reveals Jason's decision. Nadine thanks Nikolas for handling all the funeral home arrangements for her Aunt Raylene.

He's unnerved to meet attorney Eric Holt, Nadine's school buddy who advises her that Raylene left her something very important in her will.

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