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Sam overhears Sasha telling her hired guns that Jason must die, but Alexis interrupts and asks about the explosion. Sasha denies knowing Jake was inside.

She then tries to blame Sam for what happened to Jerry.

When Sasha calls her daughter a "drug-using slut," Sam smiles as Alexis reacts in anger.

As Sam tries to leave, one of Sasha's men grabs her.

Spinelli urges Jason to join forces with Sonny to fight the Russians.

Agent Rayner stops by with an offer of full immunity for any crime he's ever committed if he'll give him evidence they can use to put Sonny behind bars.

Jason isn't interested in a deal and rejects the offer.

Though Lulu takes pleasure in knowing that Maxie mistakenly thought that she and Johnny were having sex, Maxie tells her to find another place to live if they can't keep quiet.

Lulu refuses so Maxie puts together a list of rules including one that requires Johnny to pay a third of the rent if he's going to stay there.

When Claudia wonders why Sonny kissed her and thinks that he's finally done with Kate, he asks her why she has to overanalyze things.

He opens up about how his boys were taken from him.

Later, Sonny advises Anthony he intends to use Jason's routes to move their "shipments" while Jason is distracted. Upset to find Sam gone, Lucky opens up to Luke about his frustration with the relationship.

He fears that they are losing touch in the relationship.

Luke advises him that just because you love someone doesn't mean your are meant to "fit together."

Lulu and Johnny hear noises coming from Maxie's room and assume she and Spinelli are having sex until he arrives at the door.

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