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Morgan asks Jax if he's going to be with him and Carly on Christmas. He explains that his mother is very hurt so he's going to be with her.

He invites the boy to open his V-motion video game.

On the phone with Jason, Sasha watches Sam wailing in pain from the bottom of the pit and suggests she may not last much longer.

She orders him to meet her at Pier 25. Spinelli warns him not to go but Jason reminds him that Sam saved Jake.

Later, Jason meets Sasha who demands $10 million before she'll reveal where Sam is. When Sonny catches her watching the video warning from Jerry, Claudia covers and orders him to stay away from her laptop.

Sonny rages when he realizes Claudia has decorated a Christmas tree.

He talks about the assassination attempt and wonders if it's true that the gunman acted alone. Later, Claudia finds her first clue from Jerry.

Anna is scared at first when Robert surprises her at her place and worries about him making the trip in his condition.

Robert insists he's in remission. Robin is thrilled to hear her parents arguing and that they will be with her for her wedding.

Matt offers to handle a patient for Patrick on Christmas day so he can be with his family.

Patrick responds by telling him he'll be busy the day after the holiday because he wants him as his Best Man for the wedding.

Reminded of a past Christmas with Sonny and the boys, Carly decides to surprise Sonny and calls him over for a visit with Morgan.

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