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A power outage at the hotel causes trouble for everyone. Carly meets Jax and confirms that she climbed 25 flights of stairs to the penthouse.

As they dance, Jax stops and kisses her.

Upset that her article hasn't been sent to the publisher, Maxie pulls Spinelli into her darkened office and pleads with him to get her computer to work in spite of a lack of electricity.

Trudging downstairs to borrow Jason's car battery, Spinelli powers up the computers and reports that her article is gone.

As they ring in the new year, Spinelli moves in to kiss Maxie but sneezes instead. Nadine is touched by Lucky's romantic dinner but is curious that Spencer isn't with him.

He explains that Lesley enjoys having him around her on the holidays so that's where he is. He calls her the best thing that happened to him all year and invites her to spend the night.

Pulling out her toothbrush, Nadine takes him to bed.

When Luke boasts on the shuttered Haunted Star that tonight's party is for her and him, Tracy points out how much money he's missing on the biggest party night of the year.

He tells her how much they belong together and she agrees they share something special.

Tracy then insists on one spin of the roulette wheel to determine their marital future. Luke's thrilled when his number comes up.

Seeing it's going to snow, Lulu instructs Johnny to don his snow clothes and then takes him outside where she jumps into his arms as the flakes start falling.

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