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Sonny orders Ric to make out with Claudia somewhere else and warns him that he won't allow him to mess up what he has with the Zaccharas. Sonny urges Claudia to find someone else to "date."

A smug Gwyneth tries to console Kate about her faux pas of appearing at a party wearing the same dress Carly is.

Jax steps up and tries to help by introducing Kate to the partygoers as back in charge of Crimson.

Though Warren congratulates Kate on getting the latest issue out from her hospital bed, Kate lays into Olivia when she calls the party a success.

Olivia points out that she set herself up for this by sleeping with Jax so Kate insults her. After Olivia walks out, Kate accuses Lulu of telling Carly about her dress but Maxie steps up and takes the blame.

Carly plays dumb when Jax guesses she arranged for Kate to get stalled in the elevator. Jax prevents Kate from firing her assistants.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that she was destroying her paintings because it's one more thing that she can't do. She goes on to badmouth her relationship with Jason because he's a dangerous criminal who is going to end up dead.

He urges her not to be so hard on herself.

As the roadhouse explodes from the bomb, Jason is relieved when Sam carries the boy out safely. The two then bring Jake back to town where he is reunited with a relieved and grateful Elizabeth.

Patrick's impressed to watch Matt taking care of Cameron.

After Olivia overhears Sasha on the phone admitting her role in the kidnaping, the mobster stabs her.

Patrick comes to her aid and ends up taking her to Sonny's when she won't allow him to take her to the hospital.

What happens next? Find out in our General Hospital spoilers!

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