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Caught watching the latest DVD from Jerry, Claudia warns Sonny that if he doesn't act against Jason, her father will sense he's afraid. Rick warns that Sam will pass off information to Jason.

Sam tries to convince Anthony that she'll be a good ship's pilot for him. As she brags about her abilities, Anthony spots Johnny and guesses he's come back to him.

Johnny denies it and as he starts to walk away, his father warns that people are going to get hurt the longer he remains outside the family.

Anthony confirms for Ric that once Sonny gets rid of Jason, he'll take care of Sonny.

Claudia decides to take Ric to bed in hopes of getting him to talk about her father's plans for Sonny.

Sensing Jason thinks she's putting too much hope into her fundraiser that they'll find a cure for Michael, Carly tells him the story about Lorenzo's oil.

He denies that he's trying to force her to face reality where Michael's condition is concerned and agrees to write her a "big fat check."

Johnny warns Sonny that he can't beat or trust his deranged father.

Sam boasts of her chat with Anthony and insists to Jason that she can get the information he needs.

Maxie asks Lulu if she really loves Johnny and suggests that she might feel pressure to create the same storybook love that Luke and Laura have.

Outraged, Lulu warns that Maxie has no business determining what is and isn't love.

Lucky invites Elizabeth out but she points out that she's got to work.

Matt's curious when a woman named Rebecca who looks like Emily flirts with him. Leyla shows Epiphany a photo of her fiance and calls him the man of her dreams as she talks about their happy future together.

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