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Olivia comes to the precinct house to see Sonny. Luke brings Laura home to Port Charles, where she's reunited with her relieved mother.

Jason and Spinelli head to the harbor to search for Sam. Meanwhile, aboard the "Gibraltar," Jerry taunts his prisoner about her impending demise.

Jax asks Carly if there's any room for him in her world.

Olivia listens scornfully as Sonny claims he's innocent of the murder charge.

Laura learns she must return to France to be examined by doctors who created the miracle drug responsible for her awakening.

Though Carly swears she'll be faithful forever, Jax continues to question her unbroken link to her ex-husband.

Lulu happily introduces Johnny to Laura, who thanks him for trying so hard to protect her daughter.

Spinelli attempts to challenge Jerry but gets knocked cold for his trouble.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Luke assures a fuming Tracy he's staying with her. A nervous Nadine meets Nikolas' mother for the first time.

After coming to, Spinelli reports to Jason that he managed to plant a tracking device on Jerry during their scuffle.

Determined to be totally honest with Laura, Elizabeth and Lucky reveal Jake's true paternity.

Jason sneaks aboard the Gibraltar and confronts Jerry.

Upon discovering that the French doctor who visited was a phony, Laura accuses Tracy of trying to get rid of her. Jax issues another ultimatum to Carly.

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