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Elizabeth demands answers from Jason after finding Sam at the penthouse, as Maxie brings Kate home from the hospital. Sasha warns Sonny that he's gonna pay dearly for killing Karpov.

Lucky decides that the time has come to bring his brother back into the loop about Jake's true paternity. Carly tries to offer Jax her sympathy but he admits that he was a fool to ever care about Jerry - or her.

Mike enjoys a brief encounter with his grandson when Morgan and Mercedes stop by the diner for a snack. Nadine tells Nikolas how much she enjoyed meeting his mom, then is taken aback to learn he may be deported.

Declaring her love to Jason, Elizabeth admits she doesn't want to hide her feelings any more. Jax urges Kate to cut Sonny loose because he'll be tied to Carly for the rest of his life.

Nadine speculates that Nikolas hopes to marry her in order to avoid being sent out of the country. Elizabeth is elated when Jason agrees to start a real life with her and the boys.

An angry Kate tells Sonny they're through. Cody brings Jason word that the mob war is starting. Maxie witnesses a savage attack on Mike.

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