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Sasha reports that the retaliation for Karpov's murder has begun. Maxie and Sam share some girl talk, unaware of Russian goons closing in on them.

Sonny battles flames at the coffee house to pull a terrified Olivia to safety. Patrick is a nervous wreck as Robin and the baby are finally discharged from the hospital.

Ripping up the divorce papers, Carly warns Jax she's not giving up on their marriage. Claudia snipes at her brother after catching Johnny in a liplock with Lulu.

Nadine offers to help Nikolas avoid deportation by entering into a marriage of convenience. After watching his office go up in smoke, a seething Jason tears into Sonny for starting a mob war.

Robin and Patrick bring Emma home for the first time. Kate bitterly informs Carly she's broken off her relationship with Sonny.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Olivia berates Sonny for bringing trouble down on innocent people yet again. Maxie is cornered by two thugs on her way home.

Ignoring Claudia's threats, Johnny continues to keep company with Lulu. Kate notes the chemistry between her former fiance and her cousin.

Jason vows to hit the Russians hard. Spinelli is horrified to find an unconscious Maxie lying on the ground.

What happens next? Find out in our General Hospital spoilers!

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