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Claudia reminds her brother she'll be moving into her new husband's place, while Jason tells Spinelli how he arranged for Sam, Elizabeth and the boys to stay at a safe house for a while.Jax informs Nikolas he's tearing down the stables to build a resort.

An agitated Johnny urges Claudia not to marry Sonny
. Across town, Sonny and Anthony finish negotiating the terms of their agreement.

Spinelli sheepishly admits to Jason how he failed in his attempt to seek vengeance against the Russian goons who hurt Maxie. Carly gets nowhere trying to persuade Jax to drop his childish vendetta against Nikolas.

Sonny explains to a dismayed Max why he's about to walk down the aisle yet again. Luke makes it plain to Tracy he has no intention of letting her go.

Olivia asks Jason to make peace with Sonny before he joins up with the Zaccharas. Meanwhile, Anthony instructs Claudia to go seal the deal with her future bridegroom.

Carly tries again to broker a truce between Nikolas and Jax. Jason is placed under arrest. Elizabeth and Sam discover their cabin suddenly surrounded by Russians.

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