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Sam warns Elizabeth that Russian thugs have surrounded the cabin. Jax nixes Carly's compromise, then informs Nikolas he intends to buy Wyndemere out.

At the precinct house, Mac blasts Jason for instigating a mob war which has already cost innocent lives.

As Elizabeth scrambles to hide her young sons in a back bedroom, Sam tries her best to barricade the doors and windows. A fuming Nikolas vows to fight Jax tooth and nail.

Lulu encourages Johnny to think about leaving the family business and striking out on his own to forge a new career.

Olivia tells Sonny how disappointed she is with his decision to marry Claudia. Later, Claudia wonders aloud which Falconeri cousin her fiance really loves.

Trying not to scare the boys, Elizabeth instructs Cameron to stay inside their makeshift "fort" and keep an eye on Jake.

Jason reminds Diane why he can't stay in lock-up much longer.

Sonny agrees to Claudia's request to treat her and her brother with respect. Elizabeth kicks herself for endangering her children by refusing to stay away from Jason.

Carly and Olivia drown their mutual sorrows at Jake's. Maxie takes some unwarranted verbal abuse from an agitated Kate as they both resume work on "Crimson."

Alexis warns Diane to distance herself from Jason because he's finally going down for his crimes. After toasting to their newfound freedom, Jax and Kate share a lingering kiss.

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