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Jason is concerned after Sam's line suddenly goes dead during their conversation. While Patrick begins CPR, Kelly and the others scramble to restart Robin's heart.

In L.A., Lucky and Lulu's protests fall on deaf ears as the police report Nikolas to the INS. Carly berates Sonny for messing up her life yet again.

Jason hurries over to Sam's apartment, where Jerry listens from his hiding place as his unwilling hostess spins a yarn to get rid of her guest.

Tracy is alarmed to learn of her husband's accident.

Nikolas, Lulu and Lucky get word that their mother and Luke have been involved in a crash. Patrick refuses to leave Robin's side until Matt gently convinces him to take a break.

Later, in the hospital nursery, Patrick sadly wonders if Emma will get the chance to know her mother.

Fighting back her tears, Anna urges an unconscious Robin to stay with the people who love and need her. Out in the waiting room, Spinelli does his best to keep Mac's hopes from flagging.

Jerry injects Sam with a hypodermic needle. Lulu lashes out at Scott as Nikolas organizes a search party.

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