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Carly catches Sonny trying to sneak out of the house, while Sam attempts to dissuade Jerry from carrying out his plan. Olivia faces off with Claudia again after Ms. Zacchara pays a visit to Kate's hospital room.

Laura asks Luke where they stand now that he's married to Tracy.

Jerry reminds Sam why he won't blow up the boat until he receives payment from Karpov. Lulu, Lucky and Nikolas press on with the search for their mother.

Tracy is puzzled by Scott's newly casual attitude about Laura. Sonny vows to take revenge on the man who nearly killed him.

Luke explains to Laura how Tracy kept him afloat through a medical crisis last year. Spinelli and Jason hunt for evidence linking Jerry to the explosion on the docks.

Olivia meets with Karpov, who continues to deny that he shot her cousin. Later, Karpov is startled when Sonny suddenly appears on the docks.

Jax delivers divorce papers to Carly. Olivia watches from her hiding place as Sonny empties his gun into Karpov. Laura and Luke share a lingering kiss.

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