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Having learned Sonny is the father of her son, Jax presses Olivia to tell Dante the truth. Comparing him to Sonny, Olivia tells Jax that Dante is cocky and arrogant.

Jax agrees to keep her secret.

At Jake's, after Dominic punches Johnny because of his remarks about Olivia, Johnny returns the favor and punches him back.

Sonny finds Claudia amidst some new baby furniture and is supportive when she sadly admits that she forgot to cancel the order once they lost their baby.

After Johnny again urges his sister to dump Sonny and run for her life, Sonny shows Claudia that he's set up a scholarship in the name of the baby they lost and adds that he's decided not to divorce her.

Boasting that his fever seems to have passed, Sam leaks to Jason that during his delirious state, he talked about their time together in Hawaii.

Jason tells Sam that she saved his life. Elizabeth and Lucky are surprised when Nikolas shows for a backyard barbecue with the kids.

When Nikolas claims he's put all the problems with Rebecca behind him, Lucky advises his brother that he doesn't believe him. He admits he's worried that he might do something he'll regret.

While Lucky takes the kids to pick up the cake, Elizabeth and Nikolas are left behind, running for cover together after a sudden rainstorm breaks.

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