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Alexis hints that it was Nikolas' handiwork that got her a sweet deal. He promises that he'll be able to help with her murder charge.

Snobs Allison and Chad give Michael and Kristina a hard time when they try to rent wave runners for the afternoon.

Michael invites Chad to lock his wallet and other items in a strong box while they go out on the water.

When they return, unhappy, Chad finds his watch gone and punches Michael.

Mac stops by to talk with Spinelli and is outraged to find Maxie there, having spent the night. Showing off her engagement ring, Maxie reminds her father that she's engaged to Spinelli.

Robin and Patrick approach Jax and Olivia with her theory that the mayor's wife is framing Alexis after killing Brianna herself.

Olivia shows them a small statue that was missing from the suite where the woman's body was found.

Patrick points out this doesn't clear Alexis. Later, shown the letter of resignation Alexis has written, Robin tells her friend her theory about Andrea, unaware the mayor's wife is listening outside the door.

Guessing he lied about not being able to trace Michael and Kristina's email, Jax demands that Spinelli tell him where they are. Sonny interrupts Johnny as he rages at Claudia.

Spotting Morgan nearby, Claudia fears that he's been listening. Later, Claudia confronts her brother and reveals that Morgan didn't hear a thing. At the country club, Sonny's not happy to spot Kiefer there and warns him to stay away from Morgan.

Dominic takes a revealing document from Sonny's desk.

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