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Claudia is rushed out of the board room. In the process, she mumbles Michael's name to Sonny but can't get out an entire confession.

While in the ICU, Claudia wakes long enough to try to tell Jason but again, she can't get the secret out.

Finally released from the boardroom, Anthony makes his way to his daughter and considers getting rid of her for good.

Bottling it up first, someone secretly removes a deadly sphere from the OR. Mac upsets Lucky about the accident at the hospital and warns that Elizabeth is in critical condition because of it.

Refusing to let Jax inside, Jason and Sam update him on all that has happened.

Lucky ignores the warnings and makes his way into the hospital to see Elizabeth where Sam is amazed to see him in spite of the danger.

The two realize that one of the spheres is missing. They also fail to realize that there is still gas leaking from the OR.

Patrick tries to stop Matt from blaming himself for what happened in the OR. Leyla's heart stops and Matt tries to save her life.

Finally released from the boardroom, Tracy's not pleased when she has to let Epiphany "scrub her down."

Still seeking shelter from the snowstorm in the abandoned garage, Johnny decides the place could be a great custom garage.

Hearing he doesn't have a license, Maxie bluntly tells him to get one and then talks about her own hopes for a happy future.

Spinelli and Lulu learn about the car accident.

Playing blackjack now at the shuttered casino, Luke considers hiring Ethan as a shill to work secretly for the house.

But when he refuses the offer, Luke orders him to stay away unless he gives him a cut of his take.

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