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Spinelli is still suffering from smoke inhalation. Maxie realizes he can't be her date to the Campbell's ball in New York.

Therefore, she ends up inviting Johnny to escort her so the Crimson dress gets publicity. Lulu doesn't like the idea so Maxie accuses her of being jealous which leads to a huge argument.

Assuring him that she thinks he's a great guy, Sam tells Lucky that she's accepted that their relationship is over.

Winnifred advises Jason about Rayner's threat to put Spinelli in prison if Anthony isn't found and suggests he get them evidence against Sonny.

After Claudia catches her in the house again, Kate warns that her secret is going to come out only to back off the threat when Sonny returns.

When he defends his wife, Kate hints that he doesn't know who he's married to. Sonny asks Claudia to help him find her father.

Later, Claudia suggests to Kate that Sonny will never believe anything she tells him. The two fail to find another DVD left behind by Jerry.

Finding Jax and Carly in the hotel room bed instead of Diane, Max worries to the lovers that he may have gone too far in suggesting she change to a heart-healthy diet.

Realizing he won't leave, Carly tells him to forget about talking to any woman about a diet while Jerry asks him to go tell her she's beautiful.

After Diane warns Jason that Spinelli is in big trouble, Sonny suggests to Jason that they work together to find Anthony.

Nikolas chats with Alexis about the Emily lookalike, Rebecca Shaw and wonders about her past. Nadine overhears Nikolas confesses to Alexis that no one can ever replace Emily and the love he has for her. S

potting Rebecca again, Nikolas pleads with her to listen to what he has to say.

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