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Jax and Carly admit they've asked their lawyers to delay the divorce. They want to spend time together to see if there's hope for their marriage.

As Claudia blames the explosion of the ship on him, Jason suddenly confronts her and Sonny.

He admits he removed the people from the ship before he blew it up but warns that he doesn't know if he'll do that the next time.

Unimpressed, Sonny insists that he doesn't want to start a war but Claudia goads them both on. As they watch the burning ship, Elizabeth tells Sam that she is sticking with her decision to stay away from Jason.

Sam offers to tell her if Jason was on the ship but she insists she doesn't want to know. Mac denies it when Maxie accuses him of having Spinelli arrested by the FBI.

Seeing Winnifred with Agent Rayner and Spinelli's look of fear, Maxie accuses her of setting up her boyfriend and slaps her.

Winnifred claims that Spinelli betrayed national security.

Accused by Rayner, Spinelli insists his hacking was not intended to harm but he's told it's "high treason."

Maxie calls Sam and tells Jason who hurries to the station house where Rayner offers him a deal to help his friend.

Now owning Nadine's aunt's patent, Nikolas confirms for the Senate subcommittee that he's a Greek National and voices his concern about the Equinox company.

The senators chastise Nikolas until Nadine speaks up and tells them it's their job to protect her right to do what she wants as an American citizen.

They agree and vote her way.

Nadine later gets a call from the White House. Luke and Tracy argue about who knows more about the mob war building up in town but end up kissing.

What happens next? Find out in our General Hospital spoilers!

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