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Afraid the government had taken him away, Spinelli is relieved when Jason comes home. Jason refuses to tell a friend what he did get Spinelli out.

Jason orders Bernie to find out all he can about Anthony.

Agent Rayner assigns Jason to his first job and orders him to find out about a hijacking of an Equinox truck at the Canadian border.

Lulu asks Carly for money so she can pay her half of the rent.

Calling the house the solution to all of their problems, Robin encourages a reluctant Patrick to buy the place immediately.

Though they are able to buy the place the same day, Patrick continues to worry about his wife's emotional state.

Alexis stops by to offer advice to Carly only to find Jax coming down from her upstairs bedroom.

After Alexis mumbles an apology in her own weird way, Carly asks Jax why he allowed her to leave, thinking they had slept together.

He claims they're taking the right steps to get back together.

Kate's suspicious and challenges Claudia when she catches her snooping in Sonny's bedroom. Claudia eventually finds the DVD from Jerry.

Surprised to find Spinelli waiting in the "enemy camp," Claudia explains what Jason did to Sonny's shipment. He asks her to give Sonny a message to call him.

As Claudia watches the DVD, Kate eyes her from the terrace.

Johnny tries to get a job at the hospital but Epiphany honestly explains why he doesn't have a chance of getting hired.

Lulu learns what happened from Epiphany but when Johnny stops by her office, he lies that he starts work tomorrow at the hospital.

Lucky's not happy when Sam announces she's going to get her P.I.'s license. Alexis however calls it an honorable way to live and offers to help.

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