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Ric advises Johnny that he can face assault charges or reconcile with his father. Lulu guesses his father arranged this.

Boasting that no frame is perfect, Lulu seeks Luke's assistance. Maxie seeks advice from Sam about keeping Spinelli safe from Winifred the stalker and denies again that she's jealous.

Running into him in the park again, Winifred is amazed to learn that "Stone Cold" from his cyber game is actually a real person.

After asking questions about his mentor, she asks for a clue to help her in the 5th level and is touched when he gives her one.

Maxie's upset to find Winifred with him again and tells her to get lost. Claudia's unnerved when Carly barges in as she finishes watching Jerry's next DVD clue.

She reminds her rival that this is her house now but after pointing out all she did to the place, Carly vows to see Sonny kick her out.

Saying Bobbie wants it to look like the old place in honor of Ruby, Luke hires Mike to oversee the rebuilding of Kelly's but asks if it can be a "mob-free zone."

Mike doesn't think a "no shoes, no shirt, no mob" sign will work.

After Olivia correctly figures out how the power outage happened at the Metro Court, he offers her a job as "plant manager" there.

Guessing it's due to her canceled deal with the Equinox Corporation, Nadine shows Nikolas a letter informing her that the IRS has frozen all of her assets and that they are auditing her.

He seeks advice from Alexis who guesses they'll end up in Washington to fight for their rights.

Patrick's frustrated when Robin gives him a hard time after accusing her of having post-partum depression.

Surprised by his gift of lingerie, Robin mumbles nervously that she's sorry she's not ready for sex.

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