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Olivia is surprised from behind by Dominic. He a good laugh when he turns her around to reveal he's actually her son Dante.

Finding a man's watch on her table, Dominic asks if she's seeing Sonny and points out the orders he's been given should that happen.

Admitting she doesn't know who her son's father is, Olivia assures him she doesn't regret having him.

Later, Dominic insists that Claudia put in a good word so that he can go to work for Sonny.

Having planted numerous emails on her laptop supposedly from a lovesick Alexis to Mayor Floyd, Andrea slips out after she hears Kristina coming downstairs.

Kristina notices the numerous emails to the mayor and is shocked to read her mother's overwhelming desire for him.

Michael is thrilled when Carly hands him a temporary driver's license.

Asking him to thank Jax who cut through the red tape, Carly admits she changed her mind because she believes him when he states that he is ready to drive.

Jason and Johnny are forced to run from the cabin housing the two dead hit men after they hear police sirens approaching.

Realizing Claudia's not responsible, the two wonder who set them up to be nabbed by the cops.

Robin seeks Spinelli's help uncovering some credit card records but when he claims he's too busy learning to sing, Patrick suggests he use some "pitch correction" software to solve his off-key problem.

Though it works, Spinelli worries to Jason that his performance- enhancing device may make him less of a man.

As Robin and Patrick dine nearby, a scheming Andrea yells at Alexis to stop stalking her husband. Explaining why she kept it a secret, Olivia tells Johnny that her son Dante will never know who his father is.

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