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Maxie asks Jason to convince Coleman to cancel the karaoke night at Jake's. She is amazed to hear Spinelli singing.

Trying to avoid lying about the software he's using, Spinelli claims it is his love for her that enables him to sing this way.

Later, Jason advises Spinelli that his efforts at "courtly love" are designed to protect him and urges him to trust Maxie.

The police interrupt and bring Jason in for questioning about the two bodies found in the cabin filled with drugs.

After convincing Alexis to send her girls upstairs out of earshot, Diane shows her friend the emails she supposedly sent to Mayor Floyd, warning that they are proof that she set up the mayor.

Reading them, Alexis insists she only sent him emails about grants and line items.

When she looks at her laptop and finds numerous emails listed, she points out she doesn't write in the sickly romantic style of each email and wonders who might be framing her for Brianna's murder.

Ethan puts his foot down when he finds Rebecca packing her things so she can move in with Nikolas.

Admitting Tracy has cut back on his hours, he asks her to get some money from Nikolas but she claims it's too early in their scheme.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she supports him and his decision to invite Rebecca to be with him. Both admit they were taken by surprise by the kiss they shared the night they drank too much.

Lulu interrupts and invites them to Jake's tonight with Lucky and Ethan. Later, Rebecca claims she won't take it when Nikolas offers her money. Mac advises Alexis that the City Council has voted her out as D.A.

Diane suggests Jason stay in jail for a week. Spinelli's plans to sing are ruined when he accidentally drops his microphone into a pitcher of beer.

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