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Claudia presses Sonny to have Michael live with them but he won't. Monica overhears Michael arguing with his physical therapist.

She warns him that he could hurt himself further if he overdoes it.

Sonny compliments Michael on standing on his own but rejects the idea when Michael pleads with his father to force them to send him home should he do his two-week rehab stint in seven days.

Later, when Robin urges Michael to take things slowly, the teen rages at her just as Jason returns. Luke brings Ethan a DNA test kit.

Rebecca and Nikolas agree that the two-week moratorium on being close to each other is dumb.

Epiphany chastises Rebecca when she catches her kissing Nikolas while at the nurses' station.

Knowing Alexis and Elizabeth are still spying on her, Rebecca confronts them and wonders aloud why they are pushing Nikolas to be faithful to a woman who is dead.

Later, Rebecca and Nikolas decide to end the moratorium and have sex.

Agent Rayner tells Alexis that Rebecca was illegally adopted on the black market but admits that he's not sure if she knows it.

Olivia finds Johnny having a drink and encourages him not to be so down on himself. When she spots Claudia arrive, Olivia kisses Johnny until Claudia grabs her and calls her a whore.

Johnny warns his sister that he'll tell her secrets and "bury her" if she harms Olivia. Carly warns Sonny that Michael is playing them against each other.

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