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Carly demands Claudia explain what she meant when she told Johnny Michael left the hospital because of her, but Claudia won't talk. The two start shoving each other.

That ends when they both fall down a flight of stairs.

As Jax and Sonny wait for word, Emily and Epiphany get the two women treated. As Sonny worries about Carly's special needs, Claudia pleads with him not to leave her.

Kelly advises Carly and Jax that she and her baby are fine after the fall while Claudia is suffering cramps.

Relieved Carly tells Sonny about her concern for Claudia and Michael.

Sonny's suspicious when he finds Ric overly concerned about Claudia and her baby. Jason won't leave Kristina's bedroom until Michael finally emerges from his hiding place.

Sam orders a half-naked Kristin to get dressed while Michael accuses Jason of being just like everyone else. He vows not to go back to the hospital because it feels like prison.

Jason calls Carly and gives her the news about Michael.

Jason then orders Michael to come back to the hospital, especially since his mother just had an accident.

There, Michael allows Carly to be close to him. Badmouthing Jason for dragging her out of the club, Kristina tells Sam she was trying to help a friend.

Alexis shows Nikolas the results of her investigation into Emily's past and claims that she probably didn't know that she had a twin sister who was sold after she was born.

Unimpressed, Nikolas asks her to stop investigating but she insists that Rebecca has an agenda. Meanwhile, Ethan's concerned when he kisses his partner Rebecca and she pulls back.

The two remember how they came up with this plan a couple of months ago. Later, Nikolas finds Ethan and Rebecca together.

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