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Tracy finds Ethan and Lulu kissing at the haunted Star. She orders him to back off.

Ethan points out it was Lulu who kissed him.

Luke returns and is curious to see how Tracy reacts to their pairing.

Tracy reminds Lulu that she is still getting over Johnny but Lulu insists it was just a kiss while Luke suspects that Tracy is hiding something.

After Tracy leaves, Lulu advises Ethan that the kiss was her father's idea and wonders if he knows why he asked her to do this.

As they come up for air from their passionate kissing, Maxie spots his laptop's screen and points out the layout GPS device is moving.

Making their way through the streets of Port Charles, Spinelli and his Maxie are curious when the locator leads them back to the Crimson offices where they find the layout on her desk.

Done warning Nikolas about Rebecca, Alexis walks away after Nikolas defends his friend. Nikolas explains that Helena killed Alexis' mother.

Carly's about to questions why Jax wanted Sonny to stop talking when she hears a call for a crash cart to the OR.

While Jax and Sonny argue out in the hallway about continuing with the operation, Jason comforts Carly in the waiting room.

Jason then asks Sonny about allowing Claudia to remain there and learns of Sonny's plan to trick his wife into confessing the truth.

Patrick struggles to save Michael's life as his heart stops during the experimental surgery.

He's relieved when the heart starts beating again.

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