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Spinelli tries to take the blame for failing to find out who took, then returned the fashion layout. He vows to retrace steps and find a clue.

Spinelli eventually figures out that a photocopy of the layout was made.

In her office, Kate tells someone on the phone that she doesn't want to steal her designs anymore. On the phone with the surgeon, Carly tells Patrick to continue with the experimental operation.

Outside, Jason opens up to Sam about the guilt that is destroying him because he feels responsible for Michael being hurt.

When Claudia rushes out from the waiting room, Sonny chases after her and realizes that she is genuinely afraid that Michael will die.

Patrick returns to the parents and family members and announces that Michael made it through surgery but now needs time to recuperate to see if the procedure is successful.

Hearing her praying in the chapel, Ric privately warns Claudia that he still knows her secret.

Admitting Luke asked her to get close to him as part of his own plan, Lulu confides to Ethan that she senses he's a lot like her father with a rough outer shell but warm and honest on the inside.

Luke follows Tracy to the waterfront where she meets Johnny and orders him to get Lulu away from Ethan.

Back at the Haunted Star, Luke confirms to Ethan that he did ask for Lulu's help but insists it's to uncover Tracy's scheme.

Ethan guesses he thinks Tracy switched the paternity test results.

Later, Tracy's pleased when she overhears Luke calling Holly but failing to connect with her.

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