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Johnny wants Spinelli to tell him where his sister's car. Carly describes how Michael reacted when he hit and killed Claudia.

Jax nods and advises her that this is how she has to tell the police.

Carly states that no one can know this and insists she's trying to protect her son. He warns that Michael could become like Sonny.

Unaware that Johnny is outside her room listening, Carly tells Detective Williams where the police can find Claudia's car.

After Williams leaves, Carly asks Jax how he could lie to her about what his brother did and is stunned at how long he kept this secret.

As the rain continues to fall, Jason thanks Max and Milo for doing a good job burying Claudia, unaware that the mystery person has been watching.

Waiting in her car for Kate's pool guy to arrive, Maxie stares in disbelief at Sonny as he emerges from his car, wearing a shirt with a bloody hand print on the front.

Inside, Sonny burns the shirt in the fireplace and then advises Michael how to clean himself to insure no blood remains.

Maxie leaks to Johnny about Sonny's bloody shirt.

After Luke thanks Dominic for saving Lulu, the undercover cop rushes to see Sonny and offers his help with "cleanup" if it's needed.

Sonny sends him to find Claudia's crashed car and he promises to make sure the cabin is in ashes. There, Johnny surprises him and rages that Sonny has killed his sister.

Dominic suggests she escaped to Canada but Johnny tells him what Maxie saw.

Dominic offers to help him find out how she died and where she is buried. Tracy bursts into her hospital room and chastises Lulu for thinking she could help find a dangerous Claudia.

When Ethan enters and asks if he's now going to have to be nice to Dominic, Lulu gushes about how misunderstood the guy is.

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