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Caught in a pink mini-skirt and with outlandish makeup, Robin tells Patrick and his college friend that she didn't expect them. She also says "Maxie is a dead man."

When an amused and tipsy Louise insists on taking a cab, she trips before she can leave.

They invite her to stick around and nurse her sore wrist until Robin gives her a ride to her hotel room.

After she returns, Patrick insists on having sex.

Caught leaving the hotel, Sonny asks his wife why she has a room key. Claudia lies that she's renting a room for her brother and insists on paying herself.

Catching Sam snooping in the warehoused police files, Lucky asks Sam if she had help sneaking inside.

Sam covers for Jason who is hiding nearby and is relieved when Lucky decides to give her a pass.

As he talks about his past feelings for her, she insists there is nothing going on between her and Jason. They're both shocked to hear Lucky's going to remarry Elizabeth.

Later, Jason reports he found Ian's recorder but no tape.

However, he did find an attachment to make recordings. Ronnie urges Dominic not to turn in his badge so he can continue to work for Sonny.

Holding a bottle of tequila in his hand as he confronts her outside of Jake's, Johnny pushes Olivia to admit that Carly is behind her decision to end their relationship.

She won't and walks away. Later, a drunk Johnny catches Carly secretly buying French Fries from Coleman at the back door.

As they talk about Claudia and Olivia, Carly has a contraction.

Running into Lulu on the waterfront, Dominic seeks advice about going after something you so desperately want.

He mentions remembering the devastation he felt when a neighbor named Mr. Poletti was murdered and admits he's close to avenging the man who treated him like a son.

Upset he jumped all over Kiefer, Sonny offers to teach Michael how he deals with enemies.

What happens next? Find out in our General Hospital spoilers!

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