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Sonny advises Claudia that he will not bring another child into this world. She asks what he'll do if she's already pregnant.

In that case he says he agrees to raise the child the best they can and promises not to force her to have an abortion.

She claims she'll have to make a doctor's appointment to determine if she is pregnant. Later, Claudia angrily throws the test stick away after conducting a home pregnancy test.

When Tommy points out that an undercover cop wouldn't kill anyone, a gun-toting Dominic boasts to the mob man that it would actually work better for him if he did kill him as he's been ordered to do.

Tommy finally agrees and uses Dominic's gun to hit him so he can make his "getaway." Dominic reports his failure first to Jason and then Sonny who admits he didn't trust the guy to do the job.

Sonny fir shim but Jason convinces him to give the guy another chance. Johnny can't believe Olivia's reasons for dumping him.

He kisses her and when she responds, he points out that she's kissing him like a woman in love. Olivia insists that she thinks of Sonny whenever they have sex.

Johnny walks out, still refusing to believe her. Later, she opens up to Jax about her troubles from Claudia.

He assures her he'll take care of Claudia once Carly gives birth. Dominic is shocked when Claudia comes on to him. As she flirts, Johnny interrupts and angrily demands to know what she did to Olivia.

Mischa warns Ethan and Lulu that she doesn't know if Luke is still held captive or even alive.

At the island compound, a handcuffed Luke wakes and listens to Helena who explains that Mikos had another bastard child named Valentine.

Confirming that she's dying, Helena states that Valentine is seeking revenge for the way Mikos ignored him.

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